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App Features

Toy Control

Toy Control

• Create your own vibrations
• Download predefined vibrations
• Manage your vibes


• Create your own profile
• Visibility for friends, for all or for none
• Search for friends in the Vibratissimo Community with advanced search
• Set unwelcome users to the blacklist


Chat to your friend or write messages with your own Vibratissimo app

Quick Control

Send a link via SMS or email and hand your partner over the control of your Vibratissimo wherever he is

Remote Control

Control your partner’s Vibratissimo from all over the world

Video Chat

Communicate with the partner via video

Video Control

Communicate with your partner via video and thereby hand him over control over the Vibratissimo

Vibrating Smartphone

Let your partner’s Vibratissimo vibrate and enjoy these vibrations on your own smartphone

Mutual Control

Control your partners Vibratissimo and let him control yours

Multiple Control

Keep control over up to 3 Vibratissimos simultaneously


Let the Toy vibrate in the rhythm of the music

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